Downloading SPFLite

You may download the latest version of the program at this site by using this link:    

   SPFLite V3.0.24069    

Please note:  If you are upgrading to a new release of SPFLite, there is NO need to uninstall your current running release; in fact, to do so will probably cause you to lose your current customization settings.  Simply run the new installer.


XP Users

The latest versions of SPFLite (V8.3 and up) will probably not work on Windows XP.  There is a problem related to the version of the Visual C runtime libraries which we have not been able to resolve.   For XP users, we recommend remaining on the V8.2 release.   The last 8.2 release will be retained on the web site, and can be downloaded via this link:

SPFLite V8.2.5179

Optional Download Files

You may download the optional AUTO colorize files by using this link:

You may download the optional Fixed Pitch fonts by using this link:

If you would like to preview the fonts available in the Font collection, click HERE.

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