Note: Previous change history for versions prior to Version 10 are available as a link at the bottom of this page.

Between 11.0.19227 and 11.0.19235 (Aug 23/2019)

    • Correct (again) the macro functions Get_Clr and Set_Clr.

    • Remove the -WINE command line option, SPFLite will now automatically detect whether it is running under Linux WINE.  

    • Correct timing of an internal Attention reset.  Error was causing the next character typed after completing a macro in File Manager to be treated as if it was followed by an immediate Enter.

    • Correct error in FM Nest routine which was not exiting correctly.  This was triggering an overflow error in the debug trace table, causing a crash.

    • Correct error in PROF USE command which prevented a change of USING value from being properly processed.

    • Tweak the new (CmdHome) primitive to better handle the Edit Line Number field.

Between 11.0.19196 and 11.0.19227 (Aug 15/2019)

   Bug fixes  

    • Correct CRASH ERROR on a DELETE command when high-lighted FIND results are visible immediately before the delete activities.

    • Correct Primary WDIR command which somehow was messed up in V11.

    • Correct CUT command to stop nulling RFIND parameters.

    • Add missing Equate for the FMGet_Mode function return values.  The name FM_EQU_FLISTData will be added for a display of specific FLIST contents.

    • Ensure SOURCE and COLLATE options of Profile do not allow null or blank entries.  If missing ANSI will be assumed.

    • Add new KB primitive (CmdHome) which will position the cursor based on the type of line the cursor is currently on.  If on the Primary command line, it basically does a (Home) function, if on a data line, it does a (LineNo) function.

    • Correct macro functions for Color hilight line support.  They were basically just not working since Version 10 was released.

    • Correct handling of the SKIP option when the File Manager FF command encounters a file with a previously unseen file type.

Between 11.0.19192 and 11.0.19196 (Jul 15/2019)

   Bug fixes  


    • Correct Set_Csr macro function to re-institute the 3rd parameter as optional,  instead of mandatory.

    • Revise the IMacro facility.  The timing of when the macro was invoked was a bit too early in the processing and some macro functions were processing data before the edit was fully initialized.

    • Correct UNDO temporary file handling. a) not all files were being removed when an Edit ended, and b) multi-instances of SPFLite were still performing 'abandoned' UNDO file cleanup even though other instances were running.

    • Remove Quick Renum option.  It was simply causing more internal problems with other routines than it's usefulness justified.

   Enhancements / New Features  


    • Add cleanup routine for the new temporary clipboard files (those starting with an underscore _ .  Using temporary style names helps prevent the  \CLIP folder becoming full of old 'forgotten' CLIP data.

    • Improve mouse keyboard mapping to allow it to function in the FM Line command area.  Previously any click in the Line Cmd area simply positioned the cursor, now you can insert keystrokes in the area.

Between 11.0.19187 and 11.0.19192 (Jul 11/2019)

    • Correct macro function  Is_Line_Cmd and Is_Primary_Cmd in File Manager.

    • Correct Set_Line(0,xxx).  V11 restricted Set_Line completely in FM, when Set_Line(0,xxx) should still be allowed.

    • HEX ON failed totally due to incompatibility with the new PA1 key support.

    • Correct handling of the FM Line Command area. The recent change to left align new entries in the field was mis-handling overtype mode keying.

Between 10.2.19129 and 11.0.19187 (Jul 06/2019)

   Bug fixes  

    • Correct error in SORT when using alternate COLLATE sequence.  The keys for descending sorts were not being built correctly.

    • Correct error in the SAVE of MEdit files when there are zero lines left in the file at SAVE time.

    • Correct error in the COPY line command.  If the A destination line was placed on an X'd indicator line, it was not adjusted properly.

    • Correct FF (Find in File) command handling to prevent accidental enqueue of the filename when it should not be done.

    • Correct File Manager LINE command to prevent loss of current STATE data when it exists.  LINE was re-creating STATE from scratch as if no previous version existed.

    • Add additional error message to File Manager ADD command when issued against an unsupported entry type.

    • Improve SPFLite restart into Screen Maximized mode so that a subsequent Restore Screen will actually return to the last non maximized location.

    • Correct line number handling when using Quick Renum mode.

    • Correct the establishment of default (Enter) and (NewLine) keys on an initial SPFLite install.  The Enter/Ctrl-Enter pair was not established correctly.

   Enhancement / New Features  


    • Alter File Manager MAKELIST behaviour when creating new entries to pick up, where possible, the File Pattern mask and move it to the new FLIST entries.

    • Add a new File Profile option - IMACRO - to specify a macro to be run immediately after loading the file.  An initial macro can also be provided on the command line by prefixing the macro name with a @ character.  See the Help for details.

    • Add a new command line option, -DO to specify a DO macro to be run after normal initialization is complete.  The DO macro will be executed in the File Manager tab.

    • Add additional totals to the File Manager total line.  The total line will now include totals for Lines (when available), and for the Total Size of the files.

    • Add a W line command to File Manager to perform a "Windows Shell Open" on a file.  i.e.  Open it in its default application.

    • Added support for the \ and / line command modifiers to the FM Line Command parsing support.

    • Add a new SORT option to File Manager.  The 'Name' item now has a Name* setting in addition to the previous Name+ and Name- values.  The Name* is taken as a request to display the list items in their native unsorted sequence.  i.e.  in the order they were retrieved, either from the disk directory, or from their sequence in an FLIST file.

    • Open up Macro support to allow use in the File Manager tab.  There are a whole new set of Macro functions to provide the needed interfaces to the File Manager data.  Macros in File Manager can, of course, use all the additional module support provided by thinBasic.  The FILE module of thinBasic alone provides over 40+ file maintenance functions.  Review the SPFLite Macros documentation for full details.

    • Add a new general macro function - SPF_Post_Do to allow specifying a standard DO macro string to be executed immediately following macro execution.  This can be used, for example, to perform actions not otherwise allowed in a macro, like Opening a new edit session in another tab.

    • Replace the handling of temporary labels in Macros.  The functions of Request_Label$ and Release_Label$ are being replaced with Get_Handle$ and Drop_Handle$ in macros.  (The old names will still be supported as aliases of the new versions for some time).  The assigned labels will now be persistent and not 'disappear' at the end of macro execution.  This will enable companion macros to mark and pass identified lines between the individual macro executions.

    • Alter entering commands into a File Manager line field, to start commands in position one when starting a new command.  This now operates the same way line commands are handled in an Edit tab.

    • Added a new KB primitive (PA1) to simulate what the PA1 key did on the old 3270 terminals - allow you to 'throw away' your typing since the last screen refresh.  Typically you would do this after discovering you had been typing away, but NOT where you thought the cursor was and you'd overtyped a bunch of good data.  As long as you hit PA1 before any of the normal Attention keys (Enter, PFn, PgUp, PgDn, etc.) the screen will be refreshed back to it's last display.  Repeated PA1 keys with no other intervening keys will 'toggle' the display between the two versions.

    • Revise the File Manager screen history support.  It will now function more like a Browser history.  There are two new KB primitives which are available,  (FMBack) and (FMFwd) which request moving back and forth in the FM screen history.  This will alleviate having to re-enter criteria repeatedly when moving between the various FM screen display modes.

Between 10.2.19103 and 10.2.19107 (Apr 18/2019)

    • Correct error in FM which no longer displayed the Line count.  Triggered by  the changes to STATE files in the 10.2.19103 release.

    • The 10.2.19103  version change to the search for other instances of running SPFLite caused some problems.  To alleviate this a new Command line option of -TITLE xxxxx was created to allow a substitute string for the window title to replace the SPFLite version number.

    • Correct error in screen re-sizing routines which could trigger crashes under some circumstances.

    • Correct Windows API calls for Clipboard support to properly handle the returned data handles. This also corrects some crash incidents.

Between 10.1.9014 and 10.2.19103 (Apr 14/2019)

    •  Allow the Touch line command in FM to alter Read-Only files.  

    • Correct INI handling quirk which prevented INVCHAR from being set to a  blank.

    •  Add the VV line command to the File Manager line command valid list, it was missing.

    • Correct Parsing of FM line commands with a repeat number to prevent exceeding the # of files in the current list.

    • Cleanup message box handling in the Crash intercept routine.

    • Alter the SPFLite version numbering format from using the last digit of the year to using the last two digits of the year.  As the year rolls over from 2019 to 2020, we would have ended up with a possibility of out of sequence  versions.  e.g.  This version updates from 10.1.9014 to 10.2.19103.

    • Correct error in STATE SAVE which did not correctly process color hilite values. This error could under some circumstances trigger a crash when reloading the file. Add an identifying header line to the beginning of the STATE file.

    • Add support to the Options and Profile dialogs so that the ESC key can be used to cancel out of the dialog.  This can be useful if the dialog ends up positioned with the Cancel/Done buttons off the screen.

    • Add a new Primary command - ALIGN - to assist in performing column alignment operations when editing data files. See details in the Help file.

    • Change FM Line Command RENAME to be case sensitive.  Formerly you could not 'correct' the desired case of a filename because the command thought the old/new names were identical.

    • Correct the KB (Record) function.  It was not always removing the trailing (Record) string from the recorded entries.

    • Alter the AUTOBKUP support to use the new BACKUP and RESTORE support.  This support will now backup the file itself along with any associated STATE file.  The old support effectively dropped all STATE information.   The new BACKUP and RESTORE support will allow for multiple Date/Time stamped Backups to exist.  The former BKP support only allowed for one level of backup.  


This new support backs up the data file and it's STATE information together.  The backups are stored in a separate \$BACKUP\ folder created in the original  data file's folder.  The FM RESTORE command will restore the files to their  original location.  File date and time stamps are maintained throughout.   More info in the Help document.

With the introduction of this new Backup support, the old VSAVE support has been withdrawn.

    • Alter the definition of the C/CC line commands so that they can be used while in Browse mode for line range selection (as for CUT).

    • Correct error in parsing command operand strings which also equal color selection operands.

    • Add keyboaard accelerator shortcuts to most dialog boxes so that answers to simple prompts (like Y / N) can be done via the keyboard rather than having to click the button with the mouse. The required shortcut key will be displayed with an Underline in the button text.

    • Correct adding additional spaces to the command line on Retrieve.

    • Add a new literal type, a D-Literal, which stands for a Delimited String. This allows you to specify a prefix string and a suffix string and locate strings which match this regardless of the number of characters between Prefix and Suffix.

 e.g. A D-Literal of   D"(|)"  would find strings such as   (A)  (123.45)  (= xxx =)     A  D-Literal of    D"/*|*/)" would find comments like /* Say something here */     More information is in the Help documentation

    • Correct the Win 64 version of the "Open with SPFLite" REG file in the distribution.  It had the wrong location for the location of the EXE file.

    • Change the search for running copies of SPFLite to ignore different version  numbers.

    • Remove previous migration support for the color based changes between the 8.5 level versions and the version 10 and up versions.

    • Add a new Options => General item.  "Warn on Open of Non-Text files?"  This option, if selected, will cause SPFLite to check the extension of files being opened against the list of Non-Text files (specified in the Options => FM  tab).  If it matches, the user will receive a prompt to comfirm whether to proceed or not.  Editing of non-text files opens an exposure to accidentally altering and damaging such files.

    • Correct error in the KB (Up) command.  If vertical scrolling was not in effect, the cursor did not wrap to the bottom at top of screen.  Also correct similar scrolling errors in File Manager, which was not honoring the setting in Options => KB => Scroll Up/Down with arrow keys?

    • Cleanup the Help Topic Index which had drifted out of sync with the latest versions of the Help file.  This should assist the "Help xxxx" commands locate the correct page to open when Help is requested.

    • STATE changes.  Usage of a STATE file will 'touch' the file.  This will mark it active so that is does not get prematurely deleted for no activity in 180 days.

    • File Manager will now, when deleting a file, also delete any existing STATE file at the same time.

Between 10.1.8351 and 10.1.9014 (Jan 14/2019)

    • Prevent a mouse marked text select area from including the Top / Bottom of Data lines.

    • Eliminate use of the Options => General => Valid Character string as the criteria for what characters can be validly displayed on the screen.  SPFLite will now evaluate the current chosen font and determine which characters do not have a valid glyph.  A new Invalid Character substitution is available so the user can choose what to display instead for the invalid characters.  This substitution character may be a blank.  As well, entering an "N" or "n" will request no translation be done.

The initial execution of this SPFLite version will create the new Invalid string definition based on your prior Valid string definition; you may want to 'tweak' this definition, but it is not necessary.

    • The now unused Options => General => Valid Character string has been re-purposed and will now be used to specify the ACTUAL invalid characters that are to be considered as P'.' characters.  The specification uses the same simple syntax as the WORD line command. This avoids having to type avery long string of characters.

    • Correct searches using Hex literals (e.g.  X'FF').  The logic previously was performing CASE processing causing incorrect results if the Hex value happened to also be an alphabetic character.

    • Tweak the logic which hi-lites found strings so that if the command ITSELF uses color hi-liting operands (+colorname etc.),  then the search will not also add the invert color option to mark the found item.  Previously this double color setting obscured the actual user's requested color setting.

    • Add the number of lines pasted to the PASTE command successful message.

    • Correct the FOLD support which had gone AWOL during the Version 10 upgrades.

    • Correct the re-display of non-data lines (TABS, WORD etc.) when overtyped.

Between 10.1.8350 and 10.1.8351 (Dec 16/2018)

    • 10.1.8350 had a fix which effectively crippled RFIND and RCHANGE.  I must apologize for letting this slip by me.  Corrected in this release.

Between 10.0.8319 and 10.1.8350 (Dec 16/2018)

    • As of the date of this release, I turn 76, and have decided to semi-retire from active development and only work on errors and bug corrections as my time and inclination permit.  You may still report bugs, just be aware I may not respond or work on them at the same speed as today.

    • So, as my birthday present to you, I am converting SPFLite to an Open Source license.  It will be released under the GNU General Public License (V3). The complete source and development folder will be made available on the SPFLite web site.

    • At this time, I have removed the random registration nagging (for unregistered versions), and removed the online checking for new releases. This removes any dependency on the SPFLite web site.

    • Any new fix releases will simply be made available on the web site and announced on the web site and in the SPFLite forum.

Other Changes / Fixes

    • As per the GPL recommendation, added an optional Splash screen at startup. The display of this can be suppressed in the Options => General settings.

    • Correct display routine for the Command line. It was not handling length of line correctly.

    • Correct generalized search routine to properly handle the +/- color operands.  The routine was performing color processing when driven by commands which did not expect nor want color processing to take place.

    • To prevent corrupted screen displays which can occur when the edit text contains characters which are not displayable in the currently chosen screen font, SPFLite will now use the list of displayable characters specified under the Options => General Tab and replace undisplayable characters with a user specified character.  This is similar to what ISPF used to do when it replaced non-displayable characters with a '.' (Period).

    • Correct handling of the Displayable Characters setting in Options => General. It was not correctly saving the value.

    • Correct error in Vertical cursor support.  Non text lines on the screen (COLS, BNDS, etc.) were not being re-drawn when the cursor moved.

    • Correct error in the TF line command, it was mis-handling the text attributes (color etc.) at some end of line conditions.

    •  Improve handling of marked text highlighting when using the Vertical Cursor line support. (Still not perfect, but better)

Between 10.0.8298 and 10.0.8319 (Nov 15/2018)

    • Cosmetic correction to File Manager Help lines to properly show LINES as a valid line command for a Filepath Display.

    • Correct STATE processing to flush the File Type/STATE cache whenever a change to STATE status is made.  This enables the File Manager LINES command to properly obtain STATE status for a file.

    • Correct macro Set_Line (again).  It was truncating text set in the Command Line to the length of the visible command line.

    • Correct EraseEOL of the Command line.   If the command line had been shifted due to exceeding the visible length, the truncation was not handled properly.

    • Correct handling of a RESET COLOR command to clean up data structures when complete to prevent interaction with future color related commands.

    • Correct File Manager layout formatting. EXT field was mis-handled and would not always appear when selected.

    • Resize the Options and Profile Edit dialogs to increase the font size and make them more readable. Add a promotional icon to these dialogs to promote the Open Source movement.

    • Correct error in CHANGE handling of +color values.

    • Correct error in handling of multiple SORT keys.

    • Correct error in text memory management affecting files over 10,000 lines. The color attributes for the text were damaged during buffer expansion.

Between 10.0.8287 and 10.0.8298 (Oct 25/2018)

    • Correct File Manager Open File display which was incorrectly creating $Empty items.

    • Provide a default for the File Manager working directory on brand new installations.  The default will be the \Documents\SPFLite\JOBS folder.

    • Correct error in CurrWord support which somehow stopped working during the Version 10 changes.

    • Correct macro Set_Line support to properly clear the previous line data when used to set a string in the command line.

    • Correct timing of initial colorization when a tabbed file is loaded. Colorization was being performed incorrectly before the tabs were expanded.

    • Correct Profile corruption when doing a Find-In-Files, a file is found which does not have a Profile yet, and the option to create a new USING profile is chosen.

    • Reduce font size of Status Bar and Tab Headers a bit from the original V10 increase.

Between 8.5.8144 and 10.0.8287 (Oct 15/2018)

    • Complete revision of all internal color management.  This will correct the long running incompatibilities between the handling of normal screen color choices and defining the colors in the AUTO colorization files.

    • The initial run of this new version perform the following:
      • Create a backup copy of your \Documents\SPFLite folder.
      • Migrate all your old color choices to the new environment, your normal screen color settings will be maintained.
      • Display a short document providing more details.
      • IF you use Colorize support, prompt you for a default AUTO file to convert.
      • IF you do not use Colorize support, there is nothing further for you to do.

    • All color choices are now made in the OPTIONS dialog, and all choices now will display sample text in the chosen colors. This makes it much easier to choose colors and quickly see what the effect will be.

    • Color high-lighting support now allows up to 15 different colors.

      • However, you can no longer specify MULTIPLE Hi-Lite colors names on commands like FIND/CHANGE/etc.   i.e. You can no longer use commands like FIND fred RED GREEN to search for 'fred' in either RED or GREEN.  One color name at a time.

    • A FIND ALL command will now high-light ALL the occurrences of the found string the same way ISPF does.  This introduces a new RESET option - RESET FIND.   Otherwise the high-lighting is removed by the next FIND/CHANGE, or by any direct change to the contents of a high-lighted string.

    • The new color support can now 'paint' the screen about 25-30% faster then the prior version, meaning screen scrolling/paging is much faster.

    • Color support has been extended to Printing.  A new option on the PRINT SETUP dialog allows you to request printing in color or not.  Color printing only functions if you have HILITE AUTO ON and have a valid .AUTO file for the file being edited.   Color support is not functional for FM initiated PRINT nor for Print Screen requests.

    • The size of the Status Bar and Tab Headers has been slightly increased to accomodate a larger Font size.  (My eyes are getting worse, my guess is yours are too!)

    • You can also now choose which fields of the Status Bar you wish to be displayed, and can specify the order, left to right, in which they should appear.  With 14 available fields, most normal screen widths cannot display all of them, so you can choose based on your own priorities.  This specification has been added to the OPTIONS dialog. (Options => Status)

    • A new File Manager Line command has been added - L / LINES - this command will refresh the STATE information for the selected file.  The FM display column LINES obtains it's information from the STATE data.  The PROFILE for the selected file must have been set to STATE ON for this to function.

    • A new primitive was added (FirstLineCmd) which will move the cursor to column 1 of the first Line command area on the screen.

    • Support has been added to allow KEYMAP entries to be saved as separate files in the MACROS folder.  This allows for easier editing of long complex keyboard macros which can now be split into multiple lines and also have comments added.  These macros are invoked in KEYMAP using an @macname syntax.

    • A new DO command is available to provide an alternative to the full MACRO support.  It provides no programmability, but it can issue a series of commands containing all Primary commands (except DO), all KB primitives and all line commands.

----- Plus current maintenance from Version 8.5 not yet released

    • Correct cursor positioning after Exclude line commands.

    • Allow LOCATE command in FM to operate with Profile lists.

    • Correct RLOCFIND so that it can be used to scroll while there are Line Commands pending.

    • Correct the Primary DIR command which was simply not working at all.

    • UNDO / REDO will now clear any pending Line Commands.

    • Correct crash when using .AUTO files with a large number of keyword entries.

    • Correct scrolling in File Manager which was not honoring a CSR setting.

Changes Prior to Version 10

    • Changes prior to Version   7 - here
    • Changes prior to Version   8 - here
    • Changes priot to Version 10 - here

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