Basic Editing Features:

  • All standard ISPF editor commands and functions
  • Tabbed interface to support multiple open files at the same time
  • Built-in File Manager allows files to be Edited, Renamed, Deleted, Browsed, Printed and Cloned. 
  • Drag and Drop files on to SPFLite screen to quickly edit them
  • UNDO and REDO support
  • Windows Clipboard support (Text mode)
  • Supports Alternate keyboard layouts (using standard Windows Regional Settings)
  • Distributed as Freeware under the GPL(V3) license.  All features are fully functional.


Extensive customization abilities:

  • User choice of window size (stretchable via mouse)
  • User-selectable font types and sizes.  Additional fonts are available for download
  • User choice of screen colors
  • User customizable keyboard mapping, keyboard macros supported by a keyboard recording function
  • Full programmable macro support to allow creation of custom Primary and Line commands.
  • Ability to have multiple 'Instances' of SPFLite, each with their own private customization parameters (Display options, keyboard mappinng, etc.)


Usability enhancements: 

  • File support for fixed-length and variable-length records, alternate line delimiters, Unicode, EBCDIC
  • Support for Automatic Colorization of source files 
  • HEX display and editing, both in ANSI and EBCDIC 
  • BROWSE mode and Clipboard Editing support.  Color highlight support similar to using a felt highlighter on a real paper listing
  • Print Screen options for output to Clipboard, Default Printer or Log file.  Printed output can be formatted with page and line numbers, headers and footers, with symbolic substitution of date, time, file name and other values.

Many extensions beyond the normal ISPF feature set:

  • Extension of line range options and X/NX support to many more primary commands
  • New MX and DX command operands to manage the exclude status of lines following the command action
  • Extension of line ranges to support relative and temporary labels
  • New concepts like Line Tags and User Lines to allow marking and manipulation of lines whether they are in contiguous blocks or not
  • Support for color highlighting of text blocks for visual ease of reference as well as additional selection criteria
  • Additional flexibility in Picture strings, and a new Picture-like string called a Format 
  • Many new keyboard primitives added to the normal set of Insert, Delete, Home, End, etc.  There are now almost 100 primitive keyboard functions available for your keyboard customization needs.


Line command extensions:

  • AA and BB block mode commands allow copy/move to after/before every nth line
  • Post-Exclude and Post-Unexclude processing of affected lines
  • Forward and Backward modifiers to simplify line range selection
  • H/HH block to mark a destination range replaced by the lines of a C/CC or M/MM command
  • & line command suffix will retain the command after execution


Primary Command extensions:

  • NFIND/NEXCLUDE (negative search Find and Exclude) to locate lines which do not have a string
  • SHOW/NSHOW (Opposite of EXCLUDE/NEXCLUDE) to find and unexclude lines
  • TAG to support the new Tagged line concept
  • ULINE / REVERT / NULINE / NREVERT to support the new User Line facility
  • JOIN and SPLIT commands to support the  joining or splitting of text lines based on string compares
  • New commands to trim, truncate or pad lines
  • New commands for text case conversions (Upper, Lower, Title and Sentence) 

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