The following Primary commands are supported by SPFLite:

ACTION       Request automatic SAVE after every 'n' file alterations

ADD          Add a string operand as a complete new line.

ALIGN        Align text based on a search string and desired column number

APPEND       Add string to the end of lines

AUTOBKUP     Control backup creation

AUTOCAPS     Control capitalization of language keywords

AUTONUM      Control automatic re-numbering of the file on SAVE.

AUTOSAVE     Control default save action

BACKUP       Create a Date/Time stamped backup of the current file.

BOTTOM       Scroll to bottom of file

BOUNDS       Set edit boundaries

BROWSE       Open a file for read only

CANCEL       Cancel edit session

CAPS         Set keyboard CAPS mode

CASE         Control default search-string case handling

CHANGE       Change a data string

CLIP         Open a new tab using clipboard data

CLONE        Open a new Edit tab using current tab's data

CLS          Clear or close the SPFLite Debug Console

COLLATE      Request an alternate SOURCE for SORT, Charset, and Hex displays

COLS         Control visibility of top COLS line

COMPRESS     Collapse repeating strings in text lines

COPY         Include an external file

CREATE       Create an external file

CRETRIEV     Conditional Retrieve  

CUT          Cut (copy) data to the clipboard

DCB          Specify RECFM, LRECL and EOL parameters

DELETE       Delete selected lines

DIFF         Do a DIFF compare of two files

DIR          Switch to File Manager and display the folder containing this file 

DO           Invoke a macro file of SPFLite commands

DOWN         Scroll downward in the data 

EDIT         Open a file for editing in a new tab  

END          End the edit session

ENUMWITH     Set Enumerate increment

EXCLUDE      Exclude lines from the display 

EXIT         End all active tabs

FAVORITE     Add current file to a named FILELIST

FF           (File Manager) Find in Files. Search a list of files for a string

FF           (Edit Tab) Alias for FIND which honors a marked line search range

FIND         Find a character string

FLIP         Reverse X and NX lines

FOLD         Display text for this file in all-uppercase without changing the text itself

GLUEWITH     Specify an alternate GLUE character  

HELP         Display the Help file  

HEX          Change display To/From HEX

HIDE         Hide excluded lines

HILITE       Control text highlighting options

INSTANCE     Switch between different Instances of SPFLite

JOIN         Join lines based on string comparisons

KEYMAP       Display keyboard settings dialog

LC           Lower-case a range of lines

LEFT         Scroll leftward in the data 

LINE         Perform Line commands on selected lines 

LOCATE       Scroll the display to a specified line

MACLIB       Specify a unique Macro folder for a Profile

MAKELIST     Create a FILELIST from currently displayed file list

MARK         Turn MARK lines ON or OFF

MEDIT        Add a file to a Multi-Edit session

MINLEN       Specify a minimum length for text lines

NFIND        Find lines where string is not found

NFLIP        Flip lines based on a negative search

NEXCLUDE     Exclude where string is not found

NOTIFY       Specify file change Notify level

NREVERT      Remove User Line status from negatively selected lines

NSHOW        Show lines where string is not found

NULINE       Mark negative selected lines as User Lines

NUMBER       Verify existing sequence numbering and correct if needed

NUMTYPE      Specify the location and 'style' of sequence numbers

OPEN[V|B]    Open a file in a new SPFLite Edit / View / Browse session

OPTIONS      Set global editor options

ORDER        Renumber the internal SPFLite line numbers

PASTE        Paste data from the clipboard  

PREPEND      Insert string at the beginning of lines

PRESERVE     Control handling of trailing blanks

PRINT        Print selected lines to the printer

PROFILE      Display current file profile values

PTYPE        Invoke Power Type mode

RCHANGE      Repeat change

RECALL       Specify a FILELIST to be displayed in File Manager

REDO         Reverse the last UNDO operation

REPLACE      Replace a file

RELOAD       Reload an Edit tab from the file's current disk contents

RENAME       Rename the currently edited file

RENUMBER     Renumber the specified sequence number field

RESET        Reset the display

RETF         Do a RETRIEVE from the opposite direction in the command stack

RETRIEVE     Recall previous commands

REVERT       Remove User Line status from selected lines

RFIND        Repeat the most recent find command

RIGHT        Scroll rightward in the data  

RLOC         Repeat most recent LOCATE command

RLOCFIND     Repeat most recent Find or Locate command

RUN          Execute another Program or Command

SAVE         Save data and continue edit

SAVEALL      Save all currently open tabs

SAVEAS       Save data as a new file and switch to it

SC           Sentence-case a range of lines

SET          Establish command line variables

SHOW         Show (unexclude) lines where string is found

SORT         Sort the edit data

SOURCE       Specify character encoding

SPLIT        Split apart text lines based on string comparisons

START        Specify file positioning when loaded

STATE/STATS  Control edit state saving

SUBARG       Specify a unique file PROFILE argument for use by SUBMIT

SUBCMD       Specify an alternate command to use for a Profile

SUBMIT       Submit lines to an external process for processing

SWAP         Switch to Prev or Next Tab

TABS         Turn TABS On or Off  

TAG          Alter TAG status of a selection of lines

TC           Title-case a range of lines

TEST         Invoke the SPFTest program to experiment with RegEx expresions

TOP          Scroll to the top of the file

UC           Upper-case a range of lines

ULINE        Mark selected lines as User Lines

UNDO         Undo changes

UNNUMBER     Remove (blank) the specified sequence number field

UP           Scroll upward in the data

VIEW         View file with restricted Saving to prevent changes

WDIR         Open a Windows Explorer window for the folder containing the current file 

XFORM        Specify an external macro to handle all file I/O for a specific file type.

XSUBMIT      Submit a specific file other than the one being edited

XTABS        Control handling of incoming tabs

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