Last Update:  Dec 10 / 2019


Minor update: Release 2.0.19344 was made available, it contains two minor changes.  The new Releae 2 will now support the location of the configuration file on a pathname which contains International characters. As well,  a minor 'oops' in how configuration files are moved was corrected.

After some considerable delays in order to stamp out a serious crashing issue which has plagued the last several releases, we have a new Release.  And since it makes some significant changes to the way configuration parameters are stored, we're calling this release SPFLite2.

The new release is numbered  2.0.19339.  (Now 2.0.19344)  And the executable is now SPFLite2.EXE, a separate and new name.

Because it has a new executable name, when installed it will not replace your existing version, both versions can co-exist at the same time till you are comfortable with the new release..

New features?  For the average user, not too much other than the correction of the serious crash problems. This release will look and feel almost exactly like Version 11. So why upgrade?  The bug fix alone is worth it.

For advanced users, this release now supports moving the SPFLite storage folder out of the fixed \Documents location and supports creation of multiple 'Instances', each of which can have their own set of configuration values.

Read the Change Log for a complete list of changes in this release..


Note for XP users:  Unfortunately, releases 8.3 and above will probably not function on XP level systems.   There is a problem related to the version level of the Visual C runtime libraries which we have not been able to resolve.  As XP itself is no longer supported by Microsoft, there are probably very few users still running it.  We will keep the last 8.2 release available on the download page indefinitely.

You can review the Change Log,  the complete documentation, or go directly to the Download Page.  

Is this you?

    • Looking for a line-oriented ISPF style editor because Windows character-mode text editors just don't do it for you?
    • Been a loyal Tritus SPF or SPF/PC user and feel 'left behind' now that they're gone?
    • Miss ISPF features like Exclude, Overlay, Bounds, Sort, Hex mode, etc.?
    • Like to tweak and customize your edit environment?
    • Want support for special file formats, like EBCDIC, RECFM=V or RECFM=F, and Unicode?
    • A Hercules mainframe emulator user who wants to SUBMIT jobs and have a practical SYSOUT browser?
    • Want power-user features other editors don't have?  Even ISPF?

Well, maybe you've found the solution: SPFLite


It won't be everything ISPF/PDF is (it is called Lite) but it will surprise you with its flexibility, customization features, and additional commands and editing concepts to enhance your ability to 'get the job done'.  SPFLite has been continually developed and enhanced far beyond its humble beginnings.  Whether you have an SPF/ISPF background or not, you should find SPFLite to be a powerful and useful editing facility.



Please try it out and let us know what you think.  Regardless of whether you end up using it, or whether you register or not, we welcome all your comments, good and bad.  The best place to leave your comments is on the SPFLite Forum.

George Deluca

Robert Hodge

(SPFLite@gmail.com )


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